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A Greenville, SC video & design company

Left Brain, Right Brain

We are the best friend to businesses and non-profits that need professional marketing done right. Our speciality is web and print design as well as HD video.

Why I switched to UPS from FedEx, a lesson in usability

17th October 2012 by wstewart1

Part of the job here at LBRB is mailing stuff to clients.  While a lot of what we do is digital, sometimes the finished product comes out our offices and into our client’s hands via the fine folks at FedEx.

I have used FedEx for most of our mailings until the day I found myself needing to get a Mother’s Day card and mail a package.  Seeing as Hallmark and UPS were adjacent and near my location, this one seemed like a no-brainer.    After that first visit to UPS, I was forever hooked.
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A case for multiple work areas in After Effects

12th July 2012 by wstewart1

Many times I only render out sections of a comp in After Effects.  The reasons for this are many, but today’s was that I needed to make a beginning animation for an Encore menu as well as an ending animation.  The challenge is the last frame of the beginning animation must match the first frame of the ending animation.
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How to increase your work productivity

13th April 2012 by wstewart1

Let’s face it: we all have days where our productivity is less than stellar.  And by less than stellar, I mean as productive as stacking cards.  Whether you have a massive case of the Mondays or things are just too chaotic to concentrate, we all fight distractions that pull us from getting the job done.
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